Anindya Karmakar is a digital thought leader in financial services. His expertise lies in digitization, robotization, digital customer journeys, digital self-service and digital distributed advisory. 

He is an Artificial Intelligence practitioner and has implemented AI solutions in solving problems in customer service and sales. He has successfully led multiple initiatives in large scale digital transformation. 

Anindya believes collaboration is key to understanding the dynamic changes around us. He is a digital evangelist and passionate about the digital revolution which is underway. He simplifies and de-clutters jargons and concepts and presents them in layman's language. 

He started this blog site to share his ideas and thoughts on how people are changing in the way they consume financial services, driven by changes in technology, socio-economic influences and access to information. The blogs are based on his own research from available information and brainstorming with like-minded people. Hopefully, the ideas presented here will help you create something bigger and better.

Anindya is married to Archana and has a lovely daughter, Ishani. Outside his passion for all things digital, he has interests in social psychology and behavioral science. He is a commentator and a keynote speaker.

(The views and opinions expressed or implied herein are his own and do not reflect those of his employer, who shall not be liable for any action that may result as a consequence of his views and opinions)

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